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English books by Jerry Savelle

Savelle Jerry: A Right Mental Attitude 
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Savelle Jerry: Are You Tired Of Sowing Much And Reaping Little 
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Savelle Jerry: Faith Building Daily Devotionals 
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Will show you how to

- Build confidence in yourself and God's ability
- Have peace and self control
- Walk in love and avoid strife
- Develop favor in your life

This inspiring book is designed to energize your faith and keep your heart full of joy! Each devotional is uplifting and encouraging as Brother Jerry shares hope for the future by realizing how special you are to God! Low self-esteem, fear, bitterness, hurt feelings and pain will be things of the past as you let the Word of God get into your spirit and you become consumed with zeal for God

156 pages


Savelle Jerry: Footsteps Of A Prophet 
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God has a unique, personal calling for each of His children. If you've ever wondered what God could possibly do with your life or how you could ever achieve success, you need to read this life-changing book.
Jerry Savelle shares how God took him from a nobody to a champion for Jesus. A man named Kenneth Copeland came to Jerry Savelle's hometown in 1969 and preached the message of faith that would change his life forever.
Later while working for Kenneth he wrote down everything Kenneth said. Many of those messages are outlined in this book.
You'll learn how to truly study the scriptures, how to make them personal to you, and how to apply them to your every day life. Each outline is full of profound messages that will stir up your faith and broaden your vision to think bigger than you've ever thought before.


Savelle Jerry: From Devastation To Restoration 
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Has your life been devastated in some way?

Has Satan attacked your marriage, your family, your health or your finances? If so, then it's time to get fed up, march into Satan's camp, look him right square in the eye and shout, "Time's up, devil -- God's taking over!"

You may be under the greatest pressure you've ever been under, but now is not the time to give up and quit. It's time to rejoice. It's time to get back everything Satan has ever stolen from you. It's time to start declaring restoration in your home.

In this powerful new hardback book, Jerry Savelle will motivate you in each encouraging chapter to pick yourself up and get back what rightfully belongs to you!

These are the days of restoration, but it will only happen for those who get a revelation of it and starte decreeing it with their mouths. God has great plans for your life. He wants your life to be better, imporved, increased and multiplied.

Don't get discouraged. Don't feel hopeless. Don't be overwhelmed by this attack. You are a candidate for restoration, so watch what God can do in your life. The best is yet to come.


Savelle Jerry: Giving, The Essence Of Living 
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The Cardinal Law of God is Giving. God is by nature a giver. God so loved the world that He gave HIS BEST, and we are to be just like Him. We are to be givers of our best - OURSELVES. The vital importance of giving is revealed in John 3:16.

In this book Brother Jerry shares with you the keys to divine supply. God wants you to be financially free.

When you begin to apply these principles to your own life, you will never be the same.

"It is my prayer that you will allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you through these pages so He can prosper you for the sake of His Kingdom in these last climactic days before the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. The essence of living for God is giving! " - Jerry Savelle


Savelle Jerry: God's Provision For Your Healing 
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God has made provision for healing everyone regardless of what level their faith is at any given time - strong or weak. God, in His mercy, has made a way to get His healing power to the mature Christian, the carnally-minded Christian and even the non-believer.

Every person alive today has a right to be healed through God's provision at Calvary. We are the redeemed, and we are the healed! Lay hold upon this revelation from God's Word and begin to enjoy divine health.

80 pages


Savelle Jerry: Heritage of Faith 
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This book will tell you why God wants you to develop and PERPETUATE a life of faith. Brother Jerry writes about the "family tree" of faith God has created for His children, and how God desires for us to uphold and respect our lineage of faith by living it out before our children. God wants you to live by the faith of our ancestors and to pass it on to our descendants so that those who come after us will know and experience this wonderful gift - this marvelous heritage of faith.


Savelle Jerry: How God Supplies Your Every Need 
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This is not just another prosperity book. Rather, it clearly points out overlooked Biblical principles concerning giving and receiving. In this powerful, prophetic word, Jerry Savelle shares principles that will revolutionize your thinking and cause you to experience God's best for your life.

You will learn:
- How to become seed-minded instead of need-minded
- How to scripturally approach God with your needs
- How to have God's attitude about your needs
- How to get involved in the needs of others
- How to make giving your lifestyle

God has already made provision for all our earthly needs now we must learn how to tap into what is already ours.


Savelle Jerry: How To Overcome Financial Famine 
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Savelle Jerry: If Satan Can't Steal Your Joy, He Can't Keep Your Goods 
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The most exciting, best selling series of messages by Brother Jerry is also in book form. The key to abundant life is keeping the joy of the Lord at work at all times.

Have you ever had Satan steal anything from you? This series reveals that God has made provisions in His Word to make Satan repay you all he has stolen - sevenfold!

Satan is after your joy, and he doesn't care what evil tactic he has to use to get it. If he can get it, he will totally defeat you. He'll create situations so he can spoil your goods and snatch them away.

He may try to take your car, your finances, or the life of a loved one. But until he gets your joy, he can't defeat you. As long as you're still praising God and stil have a joyful heart, he can't win.

To defeat the Devil and live the abundant life, you need to know how Satan operates. But once you are aware of his intentions and his methods, don't major on them. Major on the victory that is yours in Christ Jesus?

If Satan can't steal your joy,
... he can't keep your goods.
... he can't defeat you.
... he can't deceive you.
God's Word produces joy!


Savelle Jerry: Leaving The Tears Behind 
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Savelle Jerry: Seizing God Given Opportunities 
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Positioning Yourself To Receive God's Best

Opportunities don't wait around for the slow-to-move. You must take possession of them suddenly and by force.

A successful person is confident, courageous, constant and committed. In this highly motivating book, Jerry Savelle teaches you how to become all that God has made you to be. Discover how to...

1) Be Sensitive. Recognize opportunities as God opens the door.
2) Stay Focused. Your attitude determines your outcome in life.
3) Step Out. Put your all into your vision and exercise your faith.
4) Take Risks. The fear of failure will cause you to stay where you are.
5) Aim High. Maintain a positive perspective and get rid of negative thinking.

Don't let excuses keep you from success. You have what it takes to fulfill your call. Take some God-ordained risks and make an effort to achieve your dream.


Savelle Jerry: Sharing Jesus Effectively 
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This book has been acclaimed as the most successful handbook on soul-winning today. Brother Jerry conducted a soul-winning seminar and workshop, and shared of his personal experiences of soul-winning in the early days of his ministry.


Savelle Jerry: Take Charge Of Your Financial Destiny 
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Your destiny was planned from the foundations of the World. God has a plan for your life. In this inspiring book Jerry Savelle shows you how to walk in the destiny God has called you to.


Savelle Jerry: The Nature Of Faith 
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Savelle Jerry: Turning Your Adversity Into Victory 
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Serving the God who turns setbacks into triumphs, stumbling blocks into stepping stones, and every curse into a blessing. God has a plan for your life. He has a purpose for each of us - victories to achieve. But in order to reach our life goals, we must have great and positive expectations. We must have faith that will turn our adversity into victory!


Savelle Jerry: Victory And Success Are Yours 
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Jerry Savelle shares how he began to operate in an understanding of the laws of God and experience victory and success in his own life.

Jerry teaches the principles and the conditions you must meet as a believer to enter into the realm of success.

The promises of God are for you! Make your decision as you read this book to apply the Word to your life and to become a success for God!


Savelle Jerry: Walking In Divine Favour 
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In this encouraging book, Jerry Savelle shares:

- How to get rid of low self-esteem
- How to develop confidence
- How to walk in the favor of god
- How to increase in God's favor
- How to use favor in your time of trouble
- How to receive the desires of your heart

Have you ever had thoughts of shame, embarrassment and low self-esteem? You will be greatly encouraged as Jerry Savelle reveals that you are God's most prized possession. Regardless of your past, you are somebody special to God! You'll realize just how highly honored and favored of God you are by understanding that you are the object of God's affection.

This book reveals how to walk in the favor of God through your trials and turn your tests into testimonies for Jesus. Once you receive revelation knowledge of just how favored you are, you'll walk in an expectancy of doors being opened to you that men say are impossible to open. There is no limit to what God's favor can do in your life. It is a gift from God and it is available to you. Learn how to walk in the favor of God and watch God bring the very desires of your heart to pass.


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